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change your outlook


Watch the video with Brenda Strong to learn more about menopause and postmenopause. Go ahead and laugh. We won't tell.

change your outlook:

Have a Sense of Humor

What else can you do to help manage the stress that can sometimes come with menopause and postmenopause? Laugh! Menopause is a normal, natural event—not a disease—so why not have a little fun with it?

Laughter can be a form of stress relief and may help improve one’s mood and well-being. Here’s how to incorporate laughter into everyday life:

  • Know your sense of humor: Take time to figure out what makes you laugh. It could be anything from comedy shows to silly animal videos—so find your funny bone!
  • Change your environment: Incorporate happiness into your life. Schedule time to attend a show with a friend or partner, hang out with your witty uncle, or place photos at your desk that make you laugh.
  • Remember to laugh at yourself: We all feel embarrassed or self-conscious sometimes. Laughing at yourself can help turn a negative into a positive and perk you up.

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